Training – Automotive


BU 101: Building the Superhero Service Advisor

This 12 week interactive and impactful course provides a strong foundation for delivering exceptional customer service using proven principles, strategies and tools. The Model of Exceptionalism taught in this course will dramatically improve phone skills and conversion rates.

BU 102: Converting Price Shoppers into Customers

Giving prices on the phone? Not sure how to respond when customers ask about price, or when they give pushback? This fascinating and informative 12 week course establishes the science, research and emotions that influence why people ask about price, and will provide all the tools you need to convert those price shoppers into appointments without giving price.

BU 103: Presenting and Closing Like a Rock Star

What separates the good from the exceptional sales people in the auto repair industry? Having an exceptional presentation process! This 12 week course provides simple and easy to use tools along with powerful strategies to help build higher  ARO, HPRO and GP. This course is designed for the committed auto repair pro who wants to take their presenting and selling skills to the next level.

BU 104: Overcoming Objections: Turning (no) into “YES!”

Don’t know what to do when the customer says “no”? This powerful 12 week course provides tools for understanding what “no” really means and creating strategies for overcoming it. Classes will focus on the most common mistakes Service Advisors make that lead to declined services, and will provide tips, tricks and tools for creating a clearer pathway to fewer no’s and more YES!

BU 105: Building the Shop Brand: Creating BIG Footprints

What is the public’s perception of your shop? How is that different from what you want it to be and how do you close the gap between the two? This informative 12 week course sheds light on all of the things that impact the public’s perception of your business and how to magnify their impact, including the power of social media and how best to “recycle” your victories.

BU 106: Conflict Resolution: From Fight To Flight To Forgiveness 

British Psychoanalyst M. Esther Harding said, “Conflict is the beginning of consciousness.” Does you sometimes feel that your customers and co-workers are a little TOO conscious? Putting more than one person in an environment inevitably leads to conflict but that doesn’t mean it has to be dominated by it. This fascinating 12 week course will give you a greater understanding of why we butt heads in the workplace, how to deal with conflict once it happens and how to create a more positive work environment that prevents conflict from taking over.

BU 107: Management I: Bringing Out the Best in You

We all have the same 24 hours in every day, so why are some people ultra productive while others struggle to get their to-do list started? This engaging class teaches what the ultra-productive do to get their day started, going, and finished, with time left to breathe. Topics covered include time-management, stress management, goal setting, working smarter instead of harder, and much more, all in the context of a day in the life of an auto repair shop.

BU 108:  Strengthening Personal Connections with DiSC-Level 1

Do you ever wish you had a people-decoder, a tool that would help you learn to work and relate more effectively with others? Through personal insights into your own behavioral strengths and challenges, this class will teach you strategies for working with, and selling to, others. You will learn to use DISC strategies as your personal people-decoder to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. This class is taught by a certified DISC instructor and is a * prerequisite for BU 112.

BU 109: Management II: Brining Out the Best in Others

Lee Iacocca said, “Management is nothing more than motivating other people.”  But how do you motivate someone else ? This class provides answers to that very question! Topics include using accountability models, the power of praise and recognition, using questioning as a management tool, writing and achieving SMART goals, micromanaging vs. empowerment, and much more. This class is a must-have for anyone who is looking for new strategies to motivate your staff to exceptionalism.

BU 110: Management: Recruiting Rock Stars

Is your shop a revolving door? Do you struggle to find the right people with the right skillset for the right position? This in-depth 12 week course will examine what drives people into – and out of – the workplace, how to attract the best and the brightest in our industry and how to keep them in your building and the under-performers, out.

BU 111: Management: Building a Cohesive Team

A cohesive team is a hidden super power in the workplace, one that can make or break a company culture, and the people and business within it. This class takes a look at the positive effects of a cohesive team and teaches researched-based strategies to help you build a cohesive team at your shop.

BU 112: Management: Leading with DiSC-Level 2

It’s true that we best understand others by first understanding ourselves. This DISC level 2 class provides tools to manage more effectively by learning about your own management preferences and priorities. Discovering your own DiSC management style, and learning how to adapt your style to manage, motivate, and develop your staff based on their own DiSC styles, is the goal of this highly sought after class. This class is taught by a certified DISC instructor. *BU 108 is a prerequisite to this class.

BU 113: Ownership Insights

BU 114: Ownership: Building a Culture of Accountability

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Food, said, “If you are lucky enough to be someone’s employer then you have a moral obligation to make sure people look forward to work in the morning.” But, how do you ignite enthusiasm about coming to work? You create a company culture that is energizing and fulfilling! It’s common knowledge that culture directly effects every aspect of a shop, from employee retention to customer loyalty to the bottom-line. What’s not always known is how to fix a broken culture. The focus during this inspiring class is how to effect positive change in the many areas that create that all important shop culture. 


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