Full-Immersion Training Program

The Buyosphere Training Program: Your Pathway to Exceptionalism!

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Our full-immersion pathway is all about becoming the customer service heroes you and your employees are meant to be! The results of full-immersion include increased customer loyalty and referrals, increased employee performance, increased bottom-line, and ultimately, a happier more fulfilled life! It’s a pathway with proven results that is individually designed to elevate your company beyond what you thought possible! Our full-immersion clients get complete access to the following services:

  • How to get customers in the door and how to keep them coming back! Our coaches use a highly interactive and effective customer service training program and they teach it one-on-one, over the phone weekly, with each front line employee, manager, owner, and support staff!
  • How to implement The Buyosphere’s incoming phone call script, and soft transfer script, which builds trust and rapport with callers and makes the call to your place of business stand out from your competitors!
  • HOW TO SELL THE WORK! Our coaches teach a specific systematic process that overcomes objections and generates higher ticket averages, more Hours Per Repair Order, increased Gross Profit, and a better Effective Labor Rate!
  • How to convert price shoppers into customers!
  • In-coming and out-going call collection, analysis, and coaching. Our Data Collection Team gathers and distributes our client’s calls to our coaches on a weekly basis.
  • Additional training around topics such de-escalating angry customers, managing others, managing yourself, conflict resolution, taking personal accountability, holding others accountable, improved communication and team cohesion, improved company culture, development and implementation of Core Values, Vision and Mission Statements, stress management and reduction, and much more!
  • Guidance on writing job descriptions, employee manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, and other documents used to communicate expectations and build personal accountability!
  • Guidance on how to build your company’s brand and grow your company!
  • Marketing Services including social media and traditional marketing. We can help you create “identity” marketing strategies and campaigns, write TV/radio scripts, and develop print layout/design. We can help you protect and grow your online reputation by monitoring for negative reviews and writing responses to reviews!
  • Evaluation of your shop/company infrastructure!
  • For auto repair shops, coaching on how to properly complete a Repair Order. Our coaches will also complete Repair Order Audits to ensure professionalism and consistency!
  • Secret shopping competitors in person and on the phone!
  • Recruitment Services, which include writing, posting, and monitoring recruitment ads, doing first round interviews, evaluation of candidates, professional reference checks, secret shopping competitors, and targeting potential super stars to recruit!
  • On site visits and coaching up to 3 times per year! (per owner discretion)
  • All-staff in-service training on a variety of impactful topics designed around your business’s needs!

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