“I heard Jonnie speak at a class brought in to Denver, by the local NAPA Business Development Group. I liked what Jonnie had to say and I felt his service advisor training could possibly make a difference in my repair business. I shared with Jonnie several goals and expectations I would have using his services. Here is exactly what I shared with Jonnie.

  • I want our focus for 2016 to be the year of Retention through Exceptionalism
  • Our goal for 2015 was car count. We achieved that through marketing. But retention is lower than acceptable.
  • We spend a lot of money on advertising to get the phone to ring. We need a consistent approach on all incoming inquires and outgoing callback sales calls. I don’t want to leave this process to chance any longer.
  • We need a concerted effort to improve our telephone etiquette and skills, with additional tools to handle call-in estimating.
  • I’m interested in improving the in-person greeting, walk-around and interaction with an intentional process.
  • We have Call in Estimating issues. We don’t have a policy; estimates take too long to estimate and get back to the customer; and we have a low closing percentage. I want us to have a better plan/policy on how to handle call in estimates.
  • Ultimately increase our gross sales.
    • Increase the ARO
    • Cover the cost of this training
    • Reduce our current spending of advertising dollars by 10%
  • Train the management team on leadership and guiding principles and employee management.
  • Improve our company culture towards exceptionalism.

I can honestly say the coaching for my team has hit my expectations! Our sales and closing rate increased, our ARO increased and my staff have more confidence serving our customers by using the tools, skills and processes they trained them on.

I would highly recommend The Buyosphere training for those engaging with customer service, their tools and training are second to none.”

Randy Pickering, Owner, Pickering’s Auto Service, Lakewood and Arvada, Colorado

“We asked Jonnie and his team at The Buyosphere to help our office teams with our telephone skills.  I gave Jonnie some very specific requests – improving our call to appointment ratio and effectively handling price shoppers.  The Buyosphere team did a great job in creating scripts, listening to our calls, and coaching our team.  I would highly recommend Jonnie and his team!”

Chris Garman, President, Wilhelm Automotive Service Centers, with 7 locations in the greater Phoenix area

“We have been very pleased with the results of working with Jonnie and his Buyosphere team. We have seen a significant increase in ARO and sales at our shops. Our people are much better at answering the phone and better at selling the work. It has been a great relationship and I have recommended Jonnie’s program to many shop owners and will continue to do so.”

-Rich Fearing, Owner, 3 locations, Village Auto Works and Euro Autoworks, Greater Minneapolis

“Prior to working with The Buyosphere our company had a lack of direction and was inconsistent in managing customer phone calls. After working with The Buyosphere for more than three years we have seen significant improvements including consistency in our style of customer service, and an increase in our gross profit. (Buyosphere VP of Operations) Lorri Cooper has also done multiple on-site workshops and seminars that were highly inclusive and the training was inspirational and energizing.  Time management was good and the team building activities really brought our staff together. The Buyosphere team has been flexible and has tailored their approach to meet the needs of our company.  I would recommend them to anyone interested in expanding their training needs.”

-Brent Kniesel, Owner, 3 Kniesel’s Auto Service Center locations in the Greater Sacramento area

“We have been using the services of Jonnie Wright and Buyosphere for well over a year. I truly can’t say enough good things about the process, the content and the professionals from Buyosphere that work with our team!  We have received weekly coaching with a significant number of our staff during this time.  I have seen tremendous growth in our employees and in our bottom line!  It is a complete night and day difference between where our team is now from where we were at when we started with Buyosphere!  

The weekly coaching really holds everyone accountable and on task, which is quite a relief for me! Jonnie and his team are always willing to help you in any way possible they truly want to be an asset for you and your business!  This may be the best money I am spending on my business, period!

-Jeff Matt, Owner, Victory Auto Service and Glass, 6 locations in Minnesota and Florida

“Jonnie’s Buyosphere Program is a multi-faceted program designed to raise the monthly average repair order, and that’s exactly what it has done. Our figures for the Premier Cape Coral Store for the 2015 year showed monthly average of 324 autos serviced and an average monthly ARO of $246;  our figures for 2016 showed monthly average of 290 autos serviced and an average monthly ARO of $285.  Our figures for the Premier Loveland Store for the 2015 showed monthly average of 232 autos serviced and an average monthly ARO of $233;  our figures for 2016 showed monthly average of 203 auto’s serviced and an average monthly ARO $251.  In conclusion, all I can say is that THE BUYOSPHERE works for us.”

-Joe Allardt, Owner, two locations, Premier Auto Service Center of Cape Coral, Florida and Loveland, Ohio

“The Buyosphere has an almost ‘x-ray vision’ in understanding and teaching how to improve the experience each customer has with us. I agree with his motto: happy customers spend more money.”

-John Ludwig, Owner, Precision Automotive, Endicott, New York

“The best thing about The Buyosphere program for me has been my ability to use Jonnie and Lorri’s expertise for what I want to achieve. We have created a plan together that allows me to monitor, evaluate and implement what I want to measure and improve. There is not a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to their program. Their flexibility and understanding, as well as thoughtful input, has made our relationship successful.”

-Scott Politte, President, Stivers Ford Lincoln, Waukee, Iowa

“The Buyosphere has helped enhance our already great processes and procedures of handling customers and makes them exceptional.  Their staff has the experience, professionalism and persistence to train and better even the greenest of staff.  It has been a joy learning and challenging myself to learn their simple processes and phrasing of words to sound and be more of a professional.  Their dedicated staff is committed and patient.  I know training people can sometimes be a challenge yet they accept that challenge and push us all to be better at our pace.”

-Jason Matt, General Manager, Victory Auto Service and Glass, Greater Minneapolis

“By far, one of the more refreshing clinics I’ve ever attended! Forget about what you’re selling. The important thing is to ‘make your customers happy.’ Jonnie’s simple philosophy on how to enhance the customer service experience will make an immediate impact on any type of business. He will inspire you to run your business and conduct your life in a way that sets you and your company apart from the rest.”

-Kurt Barton, Aftermarket Sales, Factory Motor Parts

“Westside Auto Pros partnered with the Buyosphere over 8 years ago. During that time we saw an increase in sales in excess of 15% per year. I feel one of the key factors was the continuous follow-up of training. Implementation is the key to any training and The Buyosphere delivers that.”

-Ron Haugen, President, Westside Auto Pros, Clive, Iowa

“We retained The Buyosphere to train all of our 38 Midas store managers at our annual manager’s convention in Kansas City. Sales, profits and the customer service experience at our stores began to improve immediately! If you want to really make your place of business the “go to” destination in your community based on referrals and word-of-mouth, then sign on with Jonnie Wright and The Buyosphere.”

-Russ Gibson, Former Owner/Vice President, Midas/Auto Systems Experts

“After experiencing training from The Buyosphere, I have seen Jonnie and Co. build trust and relationships with my Service Advisors that created an atmosphere in our front office of ‘teamwork and happiness’ like we had never experienced in the past 10 years! That change in turn fostered better relationships with our valued Customers and Technicians!! And, as you may have guessed, those positive relationships have led to both higher than normal sales, ARO’S and profitability. So if you feel you haven’t reached perfection at your front counter yet, this program may be for you!”

-Garry Plimmer, Owner, Garry’s Automotive, Boise, Idaho

“Jonnie has a brilliant marketing mind. He came to us with a unique strategy for rebranding our dealership. We implemented the strategy and have been extremely happy with the results.”

-Bruce ShimKat, President, ShimKat Motors, Fort Dodge, Iowa

“Working with the Buyosphere Team was one of the best investments we made for our business. They educated our staff to establish new habits, higher levels of performance and a better way to communicate with our customers and each other. They helped us create a culture of putting the customer first. The Buyosphere Team has made it a joy to answer the phone.”

-Carl and Maureen Hutchinson, Owners, Complete Automotive, Springfield, Missouri

Feedback from “What’s Your Kryptonite” seminar at NAPA Expo

“The best of all the seminars I attended.”

“Very enthusiastic speaker. Really pumped me up and I am already using several of his ideas. Thank you, Jonnie Wright!”

“Great engagement of audience and several powerful truths about people and business. Left me moved to change for the better.”

“A session like this should be offered at future NAPA meetings.”

“I have never heard these ideas delivered like this before. Powerful, moving presentation. I will never forget it.”

“Tons of takeaways. I am going to take this information back to our shop and start implementing some of these points right away. Jonnie is a great presenter.”


Feedback from BU 101 Course Evaluations

“Lorri and Bobbi have been amazing in their approach to coaching and the material is very informative. I use the material learned in each class immediately.”

“Lorri is a great instructor, always upbeat and respectful of time. Also really enjoy connecting with, and hearing perspective from, other auto repair professionals.”

“The instructors are very knowledgeable and professional. They prompt class participation which is very helpful to determine if we are understanding the material.”

“I really appreciated the class and would like to say that it opened my eyes to a different perspective. Hoping to implement these learning skills in my everyday life.”

“Lorri is always positive with good examples and she is knowledgeable.”

“The class stays on track and maintains my interest. The instructors are very passionate about the course. The use great communication skills and are good listeners.”

“I’ve enjoyed being able to see that all shops seem to have the same challenges, and learning to resolve issues that come up when working with customers.”