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DiSC is a self-administered behavioral assessment. It measures dimensions of behavior and temperament. Research shows that behavioral characteristics can be grouped into four major “personality styles” and individuals tend to exhibit specific characteristics common to that particular style. The DiSC assessment classifies four types of behavior commonly referred to as:

  • Dominance – expresses actively as power, control and assertiveness.
  • influence – expresses actively as outgoing, social and influencing.
  • Steadiness – expression is more reserved, patient and thoughtful.
  • Conscientiousness – expression is more reserved, questioning, and analytical.

At The Buyosphere we use a model of DiSC from The Center for Internal Change, called Everything DiSC, which is the leader in DiSC Personality Tests and assessment-based training. DiSC profiles are used in more than 51 countries by more than 55 million people.

Everything DiSC is based on over 40 years of research and is continuously updated and improved for the highest validity and reliability. It is recommended for self understanding and improvement, improved workplace dynamics and communication, and improved leadership skills, management styles, and selling skills.

Essentially, the DiSC first helps us understand ourselves, and then it helps us understand others. With this greater understanding comes a greater ability to communicate and to resolve, or better yet avoid, workplace conflict.

Buyosphere DiSC Training is led by Lorri Wright, a certified DiSC Trainer and our VP of Operations. Lorri, along with other members of The Buyosphere coaching team, provides one-on-one, small group, and large group training on using the DiSC to positively impact workplace dynamics.

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