Not Recording Your Shop Calls? You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Think you have killer phone skills? Groovy! Convinced you and your shop employees are all that and a bag of chips at answering the phone and engaging customers? Awesome sauce!


But, like, how do you actually know that? High ARO? Lots of positive reviews? Co-workers hi-fiving each other after they hang up?


Unless you are recording your calls and listening to them on a regular ongoing basis – and not just listening but also knowing what to listen for and why it matters – then you are assuming, hoping, praying and guessing, and that ain’t no way to run a railroad. Especially since shop owners spend over $100 (all costs considered) to make the phone ring once.

Recorded calls are gold. They are an important tool for understanding why your shop numbers are what they are. That’s because recorded calls don’t lie. They tell a story that goes deeper than car count and ARO. Plus they provide specific content for both praising and critiquing. Listening to recorded calls as part of a call coaching program is the key to creating an exceptional customer service culture in your shop.


So what are the steps?

1. Buy a call recorder

There are dozens of companies that sell call recorders, both hardware that sits in your building and cloud-based systems that sit, well, in a puffy white cloud somewhere. (I’m not much of an IT guy.) We purchase all of our recorders from Intelligent Recording. They sell single-line analog call recorders for $209, shipped. You (or your IT or telephony person) hook it directly into your primary phone line, at the phone trunk where all of your lines come into the building. You then connect it to any nearby PC or laptop that is also connected to the internet. Download the recorder software, and BOOM! You are creating training content.

Speaking of training…

2. Invest in a call coaching program

There are many great automotive consulting companies that offer coaching programs designed to help improve your phone skills, including The Buyosphere. We have a full time team of Data Collection people who listen through literally thousands of recorded calls each week. They are listening for specific types of calls that underscore whatever our coaches are coaching on with trainees that week. Those calls are mined, emailed to our coaches and used in that week’s coaching session. Our training process is comprehensive, and recorded calls are the foundation for its success.

Meet The Instructors

Talk to other shop owners you trust. See what training program has worked for them. Compare them. Find the one that is (W)right for you and your team. Most of the shops we work with are current or former clients of other training companies.

3. Be relentless in your pursuit of exceptionalism

Employees will whine. Co-workers will scoff. Owners will struggle. Everyone will take it personally to one extent or another. That is to be expected. Make that, not matter. Stay the course, build with incremental changes and LOTS of praise. In six months your team will go from having average phone skills to being in that rarified air of exceptionalism. And no more guessing about where your people are at with their phone skills. You will know.

4. At the very least, have someone you trust, secret shop your shop and record the call, then listen to it.

This is where we can help you.

I am offering you a free secret shopper evaluation of your shop. Email me your name and the name of your shop and a good contact number for you. I’m at

We will secret shop your shop and record the call. We will schedule a time with you to listen to the call and evaluate it.

Your staff may have killer phone skills. Let’s prove it.

Trust but verify. (W)right?


Jonnie Wright is President and CEO of The Buyosphere and Buyosphere University, a team of coaching professionals dedicated to helping shop clients improve their numbers, their culture, their brand and their impact. Our Buyosphere team works with hundreds of businesses across the country on the art and science of delivering exceptional service to their customers and their employees, for the greater good of us all.

To find out more about what The Buyosphere and Buyosphere University can do for you and your business, contact Jonnie at:


cell: 515-480-4190

web site:

twitter: @unsecretshopper

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